Jon Stewart Blasts CNN, MSNBC and Fox News For Navy Yard Shooting Coverage (VIDEO)

As part of his routine media bashing, Daily Show host Jon Stewart spared Fox News his usual undivided on Tuesday.

When he blasted CNN’s coverage of Monday’s navy yard shooting in Washington D.C.

Stewart used the words ‘breathless wrongness’ to describe how news anchors were covering the tragic incident that left 13 people dead and many injured.

The facts were all over the place - carelessly put together in an attempt to come up with the most ‘urgent, soul-crushing breaking news’ to attract viewership.

MSNBC and Fox News were included in his criticism but Stewart’s eyes were set on CNN.

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According to Stewart, CNN journalists were reporting on anything and everything - even those facts, which they knew could be discredited after further investigation.

You’re just standing in front of a camera naming sh*t you see!” Stewart said. It was pretty much like going for a walk down the street with a five-year-old, he added.

This seems to be a trend for CNN, as the broadcaster delivered a similar coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Wolf Blitzer, who is CNN’s host for flag-ship show The Situation Room, hastily announced that a "dark-skinned” suspect was caught by the police. An hour later the channel changed its statement saying no arrests had been made. What was the point of Blitzer’s statement?

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"This is why you turn to CNN in a crisis...although we soon learned why this [reporting] was exclusive." [Video clip of an FBI official saying that there was no suspect being held or even identified.] "Oh, it was exclusive, because it was completely f*cking wrong,” Stewart said in response to Blitzer’s unethical journalism sense.

Watch the video above and see how Jon Stewart’s correspondents, including John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Aasif Mandvi give CNN a dose of its own medicine.

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