Jon Stewart Criticizes Robert Gibbs’ Move To MSNBC And For Lying About The Drone Program (video)

If you spend your entire career dissembling to the press, you might end up working for the press! At least, that’s what has happened to former White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs.

Jon Stewart couldn’t stop himself from talking about Gibbs who has recently joined MSNBC as a news contributor and confessed on “Up With Chris Hayes” that during his career as a White House Press Secretary he was told to never acknowledge that the drone program existed.

Stewart played a couple of clips in which Robert Gibbs kept on denying U.S. predatory drone attacks but it was quite evident from his vague statements that he knew everything and was adamant to lie about it. Jon Stewart rightly said that Gibbs, by joining MSNBC is indirectly ‘giving up lying’ and not just switching jobs.

Watch the video above and see how Robert Gibbs get slammed JonStewart-style.

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