Jon Stewart Slams Fox News Over Bergdahl “Boobery”

It's unbelievable how quickly Fox News declared Bowe Bergdahl a Muslim terrorist. Or maybe it isn't.

For the millionth time, Jon Stewart took on Fox News jumping to conclusions on Monday.

The host was so infuriated that his conscience also made an appearance on the show, suggesting he calm his “anger fetish” over the news channel – for good.

Stewart slammed the conservative television network for quickly labeling America's prisoner of war (POW) Bowe Bergdahl an Islamist while ignorantly criticizing his father Bob’s “Muslim-like” bearded appearance at the White House Rose Garden a few days ago.

“You do know, not all Muslims have beards,” Stewart said. “And not all people with beards are Muslims. There’s a reason we call [it] the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, and not the Holy Shrine of the Blessed Imam Ibrahim Lincoln.”

Stewart also took on Fox News’ obsession over Bob’s use of the phrase, “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim” and as if that wasn’t stupid enough, Hannity asked his viewers to “note” how the U.S. president was “smiling” while the senior Bergdahl recited the Arabic verse.

“Yes, Sean Hannity, that’s the president of the United States smiling as his comrade delivers the Muslim war conquer call in the Rose Garden, thus handing control of the United States of America to radical Islam,” Stewart said sarcastically. “Is that what you were trying to say? I just want to make sure I’m receiving the full subtext of your boobery.”

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The GOP disapproved of President Barack Obama’s swap deal to release five terrorists last week who were being held at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Bergdahl, a U.S. army sergeant who was the only known American POW in Afghanistan.

But the U.S. president defended his decision in a recent interview with Brian Williams on NBC News, saying it was something he would do all over again.

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