Jon Stewart Explains What Obama Meant When He Said “Privacy Is Important” VIDEO


Television pundits spent the entire weekend dissecting President Barack Obama’s much-anticipated speech on the National Security Agency (NSA) scandal on Friday.

However, the best analysis was carried out by none other than Jon Stewart.

On Monday, “The Daily Show” host said privacy of American citizens and others was indeed important to the U.S. government – unless – they decided it wasn’t anymore.

“We will totally follow the rules until we determine such time when we will no longer follow the rules,” Stewart said.

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The comedian also highlighted the irony of one particular statement from the address.

When Obama said it was a very important debate, Stewart wondered – referring to whistleblower Edward Snowden – why the person who started this debate must be hunted down and thrown in prison for life.

Watch the complete segment in the video above.

President Obama’s speech, according to a PEW survey, did not register widely with the public.

“Half say they have heard nothing at all about his  proposed changes to the NSA, and another 41% say they heard only a little bit. Even among those heard about Obama’s speech, few think the changes will improve privacy protections, or make it more difficult for the government to fight terrorism,” the research concluded.

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