Jon Stewart On Russian Meteor Explosion: Jaded Russians Unimpressed By A 10-Ton Death Rock Hurtling Towards The City (video)

The Daily Show host finally discussed the meteor that exploded over the Russian Urals last week.  And to be honest, he had a point!

Jon Stewart played several video clips recorded by Russian citizens with the help of car dashboard cameras including one in which the man in the car witnessed the meteorite falling towards the earth at a considerable distance.

What Stewart found (hilariously) shocking about the footage was that the Russian man didn’t appear to be terrified or even bothered by “a death rock hurtling towards the city”. The Daily Show Host Then asked the audience, “Is everyone in Russian society just that jaded?”

A few more news video clips were played featuring ‘crazy’ incidents of crime and accidents in Russia which, according to Stewart, were a reason behind the fact the Russians were ‘unimpressed’ by the meteor explosion, because they see “crazy shi* in their everyday lives”.

America may be fuc***, but not as bad as this”, concluded Stewart at the end of the video followed by a number of captured-on-camera footages with more crazy stuff happening in Russia.

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