Jon Stewart Rips CNN Apart On Missing Malaysian Airline MH370’s Coverage


Most of media’s coverage of the unfortunate missing Malaysian airline flight MH370 has been pathetic but CNN probably takes the cake and Jon Stewart is not the one to let it go.

In the latest episode after a week-long hiatus Stewart ripped CNN apart. 

He summed it up by saying they had about a minute of good coverage before going, “Oh sh*t, we’ve got 23 hours and 59 minutes left to fill. F*ck it, let’s go nuts!”

Unfortunately it wasn’t just CNN but media in general thatplayed mercilessly with the story swinging from one conspiracy theory to another and creating scapegoats along the way with no credible evidence.

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As Stewart put it, using, “Giant floor maps, big fake airplanes, little fake airplanes, holographic airplanes, no airplane detail left unspoken” they turned the tragedy in to a circus.

As he points out CNN’s ratings doubled during this time. Unfortunately that is the case with most shows, including news these days- it’s more to do with ratings than credibility.

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