Jon Stewart Explains Sarah Palin’s Love For Waterboarding And NRA’s Fear-Mongering

April 30, 2014: In case you missed out on the NRA convention and Sarah Palin’s waterboarding gaffe.

Jon Stewart took a shot at the Republicans attending the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention and Sarah Palin’s love for torturous interrogation methods on The Daily Show.

The host also pointed out that the annual gun conference was not only engaging in fear-mongering, but the Grand Old Party (GOP) members were using it more as a platform to criticize Obama’s national policies (such as Obamacare) more than anything else.

 “And that’s when s**t got weird,” he said, adding how a perfectly sane gun ownership argument got mixed up with the cultural war between conservatives and liberals.

The NRA convention is like a fortune cookie game ‘in bed,’” remarked Stewart. “Except here the answer is always, ‘You need a gun.’ It’s a hilarious and incredibly misguided game, like tennis darts.”

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Tuesday night, the Daily Show also shed light on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s highly controversial remarks during NRA’s “Stand and Fight Rally” on Sunday.

Palin stated that if she was president – God forbid – U.S. enemies would know that “waterboarding is how America baptizes terrorists.”

Trying his best not to laugh at the idiocy of the speech, Stewart tried to analyze what Palin was trying to establish through her words.

She is somehow conflating a sacrament of her faith…with torture in order to somehow bring the fear of God to religious extremists.”

Stewart decided not to dig deeper into the actual meaning of her address because to him, like any other sane person, the argument simply didn’t make any sense whatsoever.

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