Jon Stewart Slams Dick Cheney, Says Former Vice President Was “Wrong Every Time” (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’ discussed former Vice President Dick Cheney who admitted that President Barack Obama is weakening America. 

In this video, he played a clip of an interview in which Cheney was answering questions about Obama’s administration and laughed out loud at the end of the clip. Jon Stewart then remarked, “Every time Dick Cheney laughs an angel gets stabbed in the d***.”

Stewart then played an old clip of Dick Cheney when he was Vice President in which Cheney announced, “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.” Comedy Central host exclaimed that not only there was no doubt, there were no weapons.

With the help of a few more interviews, Jon Stewart shared his final opinion on Dick Cheney and declared at the end of the video, “This guy was wrong every time, every time!

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