Jon Stewart To Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “You Might Be Out Of Your F*cking Mind” VIDEO


Is a comparison between website errors and the devastation caused by a powerful hurricane a sane argument?

Jon Stewart on Monday slammed Fox News anchor Chris Wallace for repeatedly billing  as "Obama's Katrina" moment. “Do you know you’ve disappointed our audience? They think you might be out of your f*cking mind.”

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While admitting the healthcare rollout had been a giant “turd,” the Daily Show host said it was “offensive” how Wallace and other pundits compared a natural disaster to “a shitty” website.

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Stewart mocked Louisiana Governor, Republican Bobby Jindal, for accusing the White House of “bullying” through the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) healthcare programs.

Bullying?” Stewart asked. “The feds were gonna pay for the Medicaid expansion. How was that bullying? ‘Hey, four-eyes, you need to see an opthamologist, we can cover that. How is that bullying?’”

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Jon Stewart also pointed out how the Obamacare scandal contributed in bringing President Obama’s approval rating down to its “lowest point ever.”

Only 19 percent believe the quality of healthcare will improve in the next year, while 43 percent say it will get worse and 33 percent are of the view that Obamacare will not affect their lives in any way, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released on Tuesday.

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Watch the complete Daily Show segment on “Obama’s Katrina” moment in the video above.

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