Jon Stewart Rips Into Fox News: “Your F*cking Opinion Is Not As Valid As Scientific Fact” VIDEO


Jon Stewart hoped to start off 2014 on a good note. He wanted to welcome the New Year without having to discuss “left vs. right ideological bullsh*t” on The Daily Show.

However, it seems as long as conservative networks are running on cable television; Stewart’s wishes will remain a distant dream.

On Monday, the comedian slammed Fox News for its continued, irrational debate on global warming now that the channel’s so-called “War on Christmas” was called off – till next December.

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There you have it: ‘War on Christmas’ is over; ‘war on carbon’ begins,” Stewart said.

“Global warming: Just one more liberal conspiracy. Because even though there is a great deal of scientific data establishing climate change trends. Even though many of the models of global warming predict more extremes of weather — not just warming — apparently decades of peer-reviewed scientific study can be, like a ficus plant, destroyed in one cold weekend,” he added.

Stewart singled out Fox contributor Stuart Varney who argued in one of his reports that a Russian ship getting stuck in the Antarctic ice was enough to prove the theory of “global cooling,” saying it was just his “personal” opinion on climate change.

“That’s just your opinion — your opinion. It means nothing,” Stewart exclaimed, adding, “Your f*cking opinion is not as valid as scientific fact.”

Watch the hilarious segment in the video above.

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