Jon Stewart Slams Fox News, Pelosi, Assad For Their Insane Answers On Syrian Strike (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart’s top story on Monday’s Daily Show was, not surprisingly, a possible U.S. intervention in Syria.

He kicked off the program with video clips showing what he deemed were ‘insane’ arguments made for and against intervention by Fox News pundits, U.S. Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Stewart’s analysis was spot on. The statements made by these so-called informed individuals were some of the most bizarre opinions on the Syrian civil war.

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Fox News pundits argued with Senator John McCain over Syrian rebels’ chanting ‘Allah o Akbar’ and rejoicing at the sight of a jet being shot down, to which McCain clarified its English translation. One would imagine there would be more important things to discuss than the rebels using the phrase “Allah [God] is Great.”

And there must have been a method to her madness when Nancy Pelosi tried (very hard) to make a valid point about chemical warfare by consulting a 5-year-old.  What it was is yet to be deduced.

Stewart then raised the following question, which according to him was the most important of all.

 “What does the guy we’re thinking of bombing think about us bombing him?” he said, referring to Assad’s much-awaited interview with Charlie rose on PBS.

After watching the clips, Assad’s answers were as predictable and repetitive as ever.

Stewart also invited his contributing correspondent Aasif Mandvi to shed some light on how there was no other way for the ‘lipless, beady-eyed’ dictator to prove his might except to charmingly flex his military muscle in the media.

Check out The Daily Show’s insanity roundup on Syria.

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