Jon Stewart Slams GOP Fiscal Cliff Negotiations (VIDEO)

The fiscal cliff will only be averted if America's leaders can display bare bones competence and middle school-level maturity, so of course there's no hope!

Jon Stewart has been thrashing the ongoing negotiations on the fiscal-cliff, the completely ‘congress-made economic disaster’ in his "Daily Show" series, "Cliffpocalypsemageddonacaust - Totally Solvable Budget Problem".

On Wednesday’s episode, Stewart notified that there were only a few weeks left until the country hits the fiscal cliff “that we ourselves dug and put in our way.” But rather than the basic level of “competence and middle school-level maturity” we should expect from Congress, not only is there no deal nor ongoing talks in Congress over the fiscal cliff, the only method of communication being engaged in are numbers being written down on pieces of paper.

Isn’t that comforting?

He also criticized on the GOP's counter offer on Tuesday saying, "It's pretty clear Republicans aren't ever going to come to the table with anything even remotely reasonable."So what’s the apparent solution? "Let's just go over the f*cking cliff." Stewart also said we might as well go over the cliff anyway, “because for a few seconds, it’ll feel like we’re flying.”

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