Jon Stewart Slams Republican ‘Morons’ Over U.S. Government Shutdown 2013 (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart realized on Wednesday that he hadn’t talked about anything else other than the United States government shutdown on The Daily Show over the past few days. He spent most of his time criticizing The Grand Old Party (GOP) with derisive terms such as ‘morons,’ ‘idiots,’ ‘dunderheads,’ etc.

Stewart said sorry to the Republicans, but not for skewering them. Instead, he apologized for being ‘way too easy on them.’

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The host slammed the GOP for their unjustifiable refusal to fund the government over a passed law [Obamacare] they don’t like. Their stubbornness led to the shutdown which can cost the U.S. economy, according to reports, about $1.6 billion a week, $300 million a day, or $12.5 million an hour.

What Stewart found even more ‘galling’ was that the Republican Party pretended to be saddened by the situation.

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The Daily Show host said that the GOP was trying to trying to appear innocent in front of the nation to cover up the fact that 80 House Republicans threatened to stop Obamacare in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner.

Stewart also pointed out the insensitivity of some Republicans towards the effects of the shutdown on poor people. He provided the example of Tim Walberg (R-MI) who seemed to be more upset about the “Panda Cam” at the National Zoo of all the things.

For more, watch the video above.

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