Be Careful When Relieving Yourself In Sochi, The Russians May Be Watching


Western media should probably stop making up stories about contaminated water in Sochi hotels because Russians have surveillance footage from cameras installed in the bathrooms to prove it’s all a conspiracy.

“The Daily Show”, on Monday night, took on the politically incorrect reaction from Russian officials after various stories of unsatisfactory living conditions at the Sochi Olympic Games began emerging last week.

An even bizarre account was that of U.S. bobsledderJohnny Quinn who tweeted a photo of his room’s “pseudo-wooden” door after he was stuck inside the bathroom on Saturday.

To make his point though, Jon Stewart picked out his favorite problem – the curious case of the inexplicably yellow “toxic tap water” which apparently is also not suitable to wash a human face with.

Instead of addressing the reported problems, Stewart joked about how the Sochi hosts made matters worse after they said – or rather unintentionally admitted – that they have surveillance cameras installed in the hotel rooms as well as toilets.

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“Listen. They are lying. Everyone is lying because I tell you this. I know the rooms are nice because I am under the bed when you’re sleeping,” the comedian concluded the segment, putting on a hilarious Russian accent.

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Watch “Olympics Has Fallen” as told by Jon Stewart in the video above.

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