Jon Stewart Takes On The Homophobic Sochi Olympics And Russian President’s Anti-Gay Remarks VIDEO


The Daily Show on Tuesday night finally took a day off from skewering U.S. lawmakers, Barack Obama, and Fox News.

In the wake of Vladimir Putin’s obnoxious anti-gay remarks, Jon Stewart decided to turn his focus towards Russia, analyzing whether America had any chances of winning the “Homophobic Olympics.”

We’re running out of time,” Stewart told his correspondent Aasif Mandvi.“It’s gonna take a Lake Placid hockey-like miracle to pull this thing out.”

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Both the comedians later compared Nigeria and Uganda, wondering which country could possibly beat Mother Russia to win the “race” to become the nation to have the most homophobic laws.

Of course Nigeria came out on top given the fact President Goodluck Jonathan secretly signed into law draconian legislation that made gay marriage illegal, punishable with 14 years in jail.

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Last week, during a meeting with Olympic volunteers, Putin reiterated that gay athletes and visitors to the Winter Olympics would not face discrimination. However, he told them to respect Russia's culture and traditions and "leave children in peace".

The statement – quite obviously – didn’t sit well with Jon Stewart.

What the hell was that, Putin?” he exclaimed.“That’s like me saying, ‘We have no problems with Russians. Just please, if you come here, don’t f*ck our bears.’”

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Watch Jon Stewart’s complete take-down of Sochi Olympics in the video above.

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