The Madness Of Iraq: No One Explains It Better Than Jon Stewart

June 18, 2014: Not sure of what’s going on in Iraq? Jon Stewart has got you covered.

As Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants wreak havoc in Iraq, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart continued his rant about how the “seeds of democracy” in the Middle Eastern country were “swapped with the seeds of 9/11.”

After ISIS militants took control of the largest Iraqi city last week and the United States government, yet again, considered a military intervention, the comedian brought back his “Mess O'Potamia” series – a segment which has been a common part of the show since the early days of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Going after the “cheerleaders” of the Iraq War, Stewart’s “Mess O’Potamia” was his perfect brand of sarcasm coupled in with facts. He also spoke about war mongers who had encouraged U.S. action in the Mesopotamian country almost a decade ago and how they are back in the news all over again – thanks to the mainstream media frenzy.

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Everyone including Lindsey Graham, the Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz – better known as the old gang of warmongers is getting back together to voice their opinions on the crisis.

However, the coverage being given to Senator John McCain – the “wrongest” of all the cheerleaders – is unbelievable. He, once again, has nothing credible or substantial to say about the Iraq crisis yet he is being called on every news channel for his views on the issue.

To quote Stewart, “The John McCain military victory plan for America is the same as the John McCain media strategy: Be everywhere, forever.”

Jon Stewart also

explained how the events in Iraq unfolded and how terribly – terribly – wrong the U.S. was about its causes leading to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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Watch the Mess O'Potamia segments from last week in the videos below:

Mess O'Potamia - 2014 Edition:

Classic Iraq:

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