Find Out What Happens When Daily Show Sends ‘Gay’ Couple To Alabama, Mississippi


Statistician Nate Silver reckoned that Alabama and Mississippi would turn out to be the last U.S. states to allow gay marriage.

The states that are probably going to be the slowest towards legalization are mostly in the south. In particular Alabama and Mississippi are maybe the last two,” Silver said.

On Tuesday, The Daily Show's Al Madrigal, along with two stunt men posing as a gay couple, traveled to the two historically homophobic states to find out if Silver’s theory was valid or not.

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Using hidden cameras, Al Madrigal recorded how people in both regions reacted to public display of affection between two gay men.

The results apparently were quite surprising. People in the two states were welcoming and even held a small engagement event in a waffle house.

For more, watch The Daily Show clip above.

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