Jon Stewart’s Secret Project That Even Republicans Will Love

Jon Stewart has been quietly developing a program for veterans to help them break into the television industry.

Jon Stewart in flag coat

Jon Stewart is critical of American wars, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love our troops. For three years, the “Daily Show” host has been quietly running a television “boot camp” to give veterans a chance to break into the industry.

According to the New York Times, Stewart described the program as a “five-week intensive” meant to replace the years of experience most aspiring television producers receive from years of internships and classes that veterans often miss out on.

"There are well-worn channels into this industry that are closed off to veterans," Stewart said. "You get into the television industry generally by going to certain colleges known for having good television programs, getting internships and getting to know people who work in the industry. A lot of veterans never had that opportunity because they were busy at war. This is a way to give them that chance."

Stewart kept the program a secret until now with the hope other shows will catch on to the idea.

"This is ready to franchise. Please steal our idea,” Stewart told the Times. “It isn’t charity. To be good in this business you have to bring in different voices from different places, and we have this wealth of experience that just wasn’t being tapped.”

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