Julia Roberts and Sally Fields Get Foul-Mouthed In "Curse-Off"

It’s time to do away with boring old dance-offs now that we have America’s first ever “Celebrity Curse-Off”, courtesy Jimmy Kimmel

Does it get any better than this?

 A “Celebrity Curse- Off” has been founded by none other than Jimmy Kimmel. He chose a rather interesting combination of people for the debut of his clever and rather amusing contest.

 Jimmy Kimmel decided to pit Julia Roberts against Sally Fields.  He wants to see who has the “foulest” mouth. Well, so would we!

You’re probably thinking that Sally Fields has no chance before Julia Roberts, who for some reason, seems like she can swear like there’s no tomorrow. But you would be wrong. It’s evident from the video that Sally Fields could teach Julia Roberts a thing or two and visibly scandalized Julia by some of the curses she had up her sleeve.

You must be wondering: are there any rules to the game? But, of course there are.  They cannot just shout out any profanity that comes to their mind – it ain’t so simple.

It’s rather unfortunate that all the curses have been bleeped out. Still, you can make out a thing or two

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