Justin Bieber Caught Smoking...A Blunt?

Pictures surfaced on TMZ of mega pop star Justin Bieber smoking what is mostly likely a tightly rolled blunt.

TMZ has obtained photos of 18 year-old pop star Justin Bieber smoking what appears to be a blunt. TMZ called it a smoldering blunt, and they are probably right. Bieber is shown holding what could he a rolled cigarette, but, well, it's likely that Bieber's voice isn't the only part of him that likes to get high. Bieber sent out a few ambiguous tweets, addressing (maybe) his alleged marijuana smoking:

Okay, so that could be about anything, but it's the only non-"hooray for everything" tweet I saw when looking through Justin Bieber's twitter feed, and it was just after the marijuana photo came out. This one was followed by:

Again, the ambiguous implication that he may have recently been doing things he wasn't supposed to, like, say, smoking a blunt.

And he drops in "doubters." Actually I would say that his problem is believers, namely people who believe Bieber was caught smoking a marijuana-filled blunt.

All that said, Bieber has one of the nuttier 18 year-old lives, and so what if a little weed helps him relax. Besides, Miley Cyrus has been outed many times as a stoner, so compared to her Bieber is still clean.

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