Watch Justin Bieber's Final Remarks On His Comedy Central Roast

WARNING: After watching this, you may not hate Bieber with the same intensity.

justin bieber roast

This is why some of the most hated celebrities on earth volunteer themselves for public ridicule in the name of a roast.

When all the jokes have been cracked at your expense, you get to take shots at others and deliver the final remark. The choicest of all the punch lines are reserved for that guest of honor, who in the end, emerges with a new trait: at least he can be a good sport and laugh at himself.

The Comedy Central roast previously did it for Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump and others. And it seems the trick has worked for pop superstar and perennial dou**e Justin Bieber too.

Outside of his teenage fanbase, the Biebs is widely loathed, but sentiments might warm toward him after his roast aired on Monday night. He sat through and took some of the nastiest jokes ever in stride, but when he got the chance, he didn't hold back either.

Of course, Comedy Central writers or whoever wrote his jokes deserve all the credit, but let's not ruin the 21-year-old's first mature moment.

He also gave a short speech explaining why he is, what he is.

All in all, it was fairly decent. It may not change the opinion of Bieber's critics entirely, but it might want them to dislike him 0.1% less.

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