Justin Bieber Urinates In Restaurant's Mop Bucket & Makes Insulting Comments On Bill Clinton (VIDEO)

News is incomplete without some report about Justin Bieber’s insane behavior. It seems there’s no limit to his strange actions now. Bieber can do whatever he wants to; right or wrong… mostly wrong!

In a video shot earlier this year, Bieber is seen urinating in a restaurant’s mop basket in New York. And then he laughs about it with his friends, reports TMZ.The happened when Biebs and friends were leaving a nightclub through the kitchen.

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The story doesn’t end over here. To make it worse,the 19-year-old pop star insultsformer U.S. president Bill Clinton. In the video he is then seen spraying a photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning liquid and shouting: 'F*** Bill Clinton!'

Watch this shocking video of Bieber urinating in the kitchen of a restaurant in the video above.

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