Justin Bieber’s First Instagram Video Sparks ‘Bieber Is Stoned’ Trend On Twitter (VIDEO)

So, there’s a video option on Instagram now, Yayyyy!

So, there’s a video option on Instagram now, Yayyyy!

And everyone seems pretty excited about it. People have posted random videos of themselves explaining how cool is to have a video feature on instagram which we know is very lame but you know what’s lamer? To appear high in your first Instagram video. And who else would be naïve enough to appear so but our beloved Bieber.
When he heard the news; he probably took off his shirt instantly (because that’s what he’s best at) and shot the video.

Half naked Bieber couldn’t stop giggling in the video and hardly managed to get these few words out:

“So crazy news guys. There is video on Instagram.”

Well, that’s disappointing Bieber, you could’ve used your 15 seconds wisely. These words were good enough for Vine. Probably in excitement he forgot about the time limit, so we give him the benefit of doubt.

But, internet is not really forgiving towards the 19-year-old popstar. The quarter-of-a-minute clip, prompted speculation that he may have been smoking marihuana before filming the video as poor Biebs appeared high.

Obviously within no time ‘Bieber is stoned’ was trending on Twitter. Have a look:

Was he high or just excited, now it’s on you to decide. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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