Justin Bieber’s Unaired SNL Sketch ‘Song For Daddy’ With Bill Hader Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

Our lovely Justin Bieber, who’s been having a pretty rough year, hosted “Saturday Night Live” a few months before but one of the sketches on the show remained unaired, which is now available for us to watch along with some amazing commentary.

“Song For Daddy,” was shot for the show’s dress rehearsal but never made it to air. Bill Hader, who stars in the sketch as a country singer gives commentary on the sketch in the video, along with writers Rob Klein and John Solomon, calling the segment "the greatest train wreck in history."

Honestly, the setup didn’t really do justice the segment and things went terribly wrong. You’d see the stage almost falling on Biebs, lighting issues, wardrobe issues and a lot more in the sketch which might not be as hilarious for the audience then but for us with the commentary it seems hilarious.

Watch SNL Backstage - “Song For Daddy” with Commentary in the video above and let us know what you think about it in the comment.

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