Justin Timberlake Freaks Out Taylor Swift-Style At The iHeartRadio Awards

Thanks to Justin Timberlake, you will not find Taylor Swift’s surprise face annoying this time around.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a tendency to freak out whenever she wins an award – one of her many signature trends that's becoming a tad annoying for some fans and viewers.

This time around, however, at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, her "surprise face" didn’t look that irritating, thanks to Justin Timberlake who was sitting right next to her.

Swift won the Best Lyrics award for her hit song "Blank Space," and just when she was about to do her “Oh-my-god-I-won” face, the "Suit & Tie" singer jumped up and mocked her overreaction in the most adorable way. He even started walking toward the stage, pretending his name had been called out instead.

Have a look:

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Apparently, both the singers are really good friends. Swift reportedly appeared in a pre-recorded tribute video for Timberlake that played when he won the iHeartRadio innovator award, saying "I’m Justin Timberlake’s biggest fan. I know all his songs."

Also, this isn’t the first time the two of them goofed around during an event. Timberlake famously mocked Swift freaking out over her win at the American Music Awards in 2013.

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