Justin Timberlake Is Going To Be The Next Host & Musical Guest On Saturday Night Live (Video)

He’s back! Jay-T and Kay-T are back in the house.

Justin Timberlake’s going to be the next host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week! But he certainly needs a lot of practice with his lines and Kenan Thompson is not helping him out.

SNL has just released the new promo for the next week’s show and Justin Timberlake is trying to tell that he is up for the weekend but is not getting his lines right. He says, “So tune in Friday night… it’s not Friday,” he continues and exclaims, “it is Friday Live Pie!”

Just when Jay-T nails his script, Kenan cracks a joke about his song Suit & Tie. The singer misinterprets it and actually leaves to get his own suit and tie for the show.

Check out the funny promo and you’ll love Justin Timberlake even more!

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