Kanye Gets Kanye'd At Glastonbury, In The Ultimate Proof Karma Is Real

Amna Shoaib
If this does not make you believe in karma, we don’t know what will.

Kanye West is in the news for his audacious tendency to interrupt other people's big moments as much for his music. Just ask Beck. Or Taylor Swift. 

But this time, to exhaust an already-exhausted cliché, Yeezus was given a taste of his own medicine.

Kanye West's Glastonbury

Kanye was Kanye’d during his glorious and much-anticipated appearance at Glastonbury, U.K., where a heckler in a Lee-Zus shirt got onto the stage and tried to match notes with the legend before being escorted away by the police.

The intruder turned out to be British comedian Lee Nelson, who justified his invasion in the cheekiest way:

A mere mortal like Nelson obviously could not break the artist’s Kanyefidence, who continued with his performance.