Oh Yeezus: Kanye Battles Censors To Debut His New Song "All Day"

Kanye West’s new single shook up the Brits 2015.

Kanye West debuted his new single, "All Day," during a live performance at the Brit Awards 2015, leaving shocked expressions everywhere.

Most of his expletive-laden lyrics had to be muted, which puzzled the audience as well as television viewers.

There was a lot of swearing, with the N-word used at least three times; however ITV tried its best to censor the words.

The stage was filled with a mob, as West was joined by U.K. grime artists Skepta, Jammer and Novelist, all men dressed in black with fire torch blazing on the stage.

His performance pretty much left all the audience speechless and open-mouthed. Taylor Swift couldn’t keep from dancing her heart out, standing right next to Kim Kardashian.

Fans and artists flocked Twitter with puzzled tweets about the muted lyrics. Many of them were not happy with the channel’s decision to censor Yeezy’s performance:

Despite ITV’s attempt to bleep the performance, Kanye maintained an upbeat performance and demanded that the audience to stand up.

No matter what the haters say, the premier of "All Day" at the 35th Brit Awards was a clear message to everyone that there’s definitely much more to expect from the rapper’s new album. The new single has already blown the minds of the fans.

Check out Taylor Swift and Lionel Richie’s reaction when "All Day" hit the stage with all its expletive words in the rap:

You can watch Kanye West’s complete performance here:

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