Kanye's Billboard Awards Performance Turns Into A Disaster

The network silenced his performance, but they couldn’t silence his stardom.

Kanye West closed off this year’s Billboard Music Awards amid great technical difficulties and general booing from the audience.

When the rapper – or more accurately, Dr. West – took the stage after a brief introduction from Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the audience and the viewers at home expected a fiery performance to rival all.

But sadly, the most anticipated performance of the night was a complete train wreck and all that the viewers got was long periods of silence with occasional sound of bleeping and screeching.

West kicked off his set with the new controversial single “All Day," followed by "Black Skinhead,” which must have been incredible as per the rapper’s usual standards. However, the audience couldn’t tell because the network decided the performance was too profane for TV and censored everything.

Meanwhile, for the audience present at the event, Ye’s microphone had some “technical difficulties.”

As if that wasn’t outrageous enough, the rapper was barely visible during the entirety of his performance. The blinding wall of fire and crazy amounts of pyrotechnics on stage made it nearly impossible to see the artist, leaving viewers with just a silhouette surrounded by fog and mist.

However, it does raise one important question. If the songs had that much swearing, why did the organizers asked him to perform them in the first place? “All Day” reportedly contains the n-word 39 times, which makes the crazy censoring understandable, but the second track – which does not contain that much swearing – was bleeped out just as much.

West wasn’t the only one who experienced technical difficulties; Ludacris' closing remarks were also cut out at the end of the show.

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