This '90s Kanye West Is One You Can't Hate On

Zohaib Ahmed
July 18, 2014: Before all the fame came, Kanye West had some real game.

As talented as Kanye West is, he is also one of the most disliked musicians alive today. His infamous Taylor Swift moment, the self-glorifying rants and his marriage with Kim Kardashian are just a few of the reasons why he is so widely derided despite being a musical demigod.

But Kanye wasn't always like that. In fact, the pre-fame Kanye West was quite different from his current self, as is evident in an old freestyle rap performance of his which has just been released on YouTube.

The then 19-year-old MC can be seen taking the stage and going as hard and raw as we've ever seen him go. It's a far cry from Kanye's current musical taste, which there's nothing wrong with, except that it's not hardcore old school rapping.

Mind you, this was before Kanye got infested with distractions like fashion, media, developed a habit for attention-whoring, and got involved with socialites.

As one YouTube commentator put it, "He was straight fire back then."

The extent of his skills is proven when he's given the task to spit bars about Alanis Morisette of all people. And he did it with great ease, even slipping a mention of her hit song "Ironic" in his verse.

The best line? "It ain't original because I stole it from the future."

Yep, that's Kanye West alright.