SNL: Kanye Raps "The Greatest Apology Of All Time," Even For The Escaped Llamas

Amna Shoaib
Jay Pharoah's Kanye is even sorry he tried to have "Beck" autocorrected to "Beyonce."

It's pretty clear Kanye West doesn't care why he's in the news, as long as we're writing about him. First the self-loving, never-smiling West ruined Beck's Grammy award win. Then after a few days, when people stopped talking about it, 'Ye went into repentance mode: 

And then to Bruno Mars.

SNL picked up on the star’s apology spree. On Saturday's "Weekend Update" sketch, Kanye apologized – to everyone. In his rapology (that’s our cool mashup name for a rap song full of apologies), Jay Pharoah breathlessly shouldered the blame and said sorry for "the llamas that escaped in Phoenix last week, for six more weeks of winter, and for thinking 'Glory' from Selma is all about him."

Spoiler Alert: For a split second in the video, you can even spot Kanye showing his teeth!