We Can’t Decide If Kanye West’s Latest Clothing Collection Was More Of A Disaster Or His Speech

Kanye West has unveiled his second clothing collection with A.P.C, a ready to wear French brand.

Kanye West has unveiled his second clothing collection with A.P.C, a ready to wear French brand.

He invited a select few from the press to a presentation at the A.P.C. showroom in Paris ,where he and A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou presented their designs  for fall 2014/2015.

Even though Touitou claimed he drew on several muses — men he recalled from his “memories” for their elegant style - elegance was one factor that missing from the collection.

The notable figures who made the cut were Yves Saint Laurent, Marcel Proust, Samuel Beckett, Marc Jacobs, and Kurt Cobain along with Kanye.

Touitou called West his “colleague in design,” to which Kanye replied modestly, “I have a very bad education in fashion, I kind of learned it on Style.com.”

That didn’t stop him from a five minute long ramble rife with confusing analogies. He talked about how he hoped people would see him as more than just the best rapper in the world. Really? Here’s a peak at his collection.

If you think his collection is bad, try making some sense out of his speech:

“It's like if you had a housekeeper, and she was the best housekeeper in the whole world, and she said she had the idea to start being a florist. You would pay her three times as much to not follow her dream of being a florist. And what people don't realize is actually my music is better when I'm allowed to eat my food and drink at the same time. I can walk places quicker when I'm allowed to use my right leg and my left leg.

It's like if someone was like, 'You've made so much with your left leg! You're the best left-legged person in the world. You can never use your right leg! Why would you want to do that?!' Look at that. And I swear everything is a cliché. You constantly fight against it. You are constantly to the point where just even in 2013 I just decided to turn up. I said, 'You know what, I tried approaching it in a tasteful way. Let me try approaching it in an extremely non-tasteful way. In a very fuck-the-world type way. Where all of this is a dream. And instead of it being a nightmare or a frustrated expression that you can't get out of, let me see if I can, like, get people to understand this.'

Sometimes when you're in a box you have to punch your way out of the box. You can't always do it surgically. Everyone was giving me the best advice on how to surgically punch my way out of the box of being boxed into one form of creation.”

He then described his collection. "It's all about taking materials that might only be used in a women's line and giving them a men's vibe."

Whatever you say Kanye.

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