Kathy Griffin Almost Kissed Anderson Cooper's Crotch During Live NYE Show (VIDEO)


Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper while hosting CNN’s New Year’s coverage kept things as vivacious as ever!

Kathy Griffin one year dropped an f-bomb during CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast. The year before that she shouted down a heckler with a blowjob joke. And this year, she dropped to her knees and went directly for Anderson Cooper's crotch!

"Kathy, oh, did you drop something?" he joked. She tried multiple times but Cooper Kept pulling her back.

Griffin isn't exactly known for her shrinking violet nature, but this New Year's Eve, she embarrassed Cooper by telling him, “I'm going to tickle your sac”. She continued, “Do you have a sac?”

"I don’t know what you’re talking about," Cooper said. "I have no sac of Christmas presents here."

"Do you call your privates your Christmas presents?” Griffin questioned.

Griffin obviously shocked the viewers with her vulgar behavior during CNN's live New Year's Eve broadcast after making dirty jokes. No matter what does on CNN's live New Year's Eve broadcasts, the network continues to invite her back.

Watch the entire debacle in the above video!

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