5 Reasons Katy Perry’s Sharks Are The Real Stars Of Super Bowl

The Internet has spoken: Katy Perry’s dancing sharks are the real MVPs.

Katy Perry Super Bowl half time show

No, it was neither Idina Menzel nor Katy Perry. It wasn’t not even the entire team of New England Patriots for that matter.

The only star(s) of the Super Bowl this year were the big blue and white dancing sharks who overshadowed Perry’s halftime performance, taking the world by storm.

Here’s definitive proof fans loved sharks more than anything else during the Super Bowl:

Snoop Dogg wished he were one of the sharks:

Just look at this incredible fan art!

super bowl halftime

Someone has already made a “shark dance” flipbook:

Does Katy Perry have one?

There is an urgent Reddit AMA request for the pair:

katy perry super bowl

Someone even claims to have found one of the sharks on Tinder:

Super bowl dancing sharks

And the “Super Bowl Shark Suit” is going to be a thing real soon:

So make sure you sign up here.Super Bowl Shark

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