Keke Palmer Overwhelmed Playing The First Black Cinderella On Broadway

Keke Palmer couldn’t control her emotions as she took the curtain call as the first African-American woman to play Cinderella on Broadway.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer has made history by playing the first black Cinderella on Broadway.

Her history-making moment was also the 21-year-old's Broadway debut, adding up to an emotional night.

Palmer replaced Cindy Paige Faure as Cinderella.

The “Masters of Sex” star said she was “shocked” when she heard she would play the princess, but later saw it as an opportunity to show her young fans that "everything is possible."

 The opening night found her overwhelmed with emotions.

Keke Palmer

Palmer herself took to her Instagram to share her triumph with her followers:

The young artist, born Lauren Keyana Palmer, was given the pet name Keke by her sister. She has much to be proud of. Her talents became obvious while she was very young. Apart from becoming the first woman of color to portray Cinderella on Broadway, her credits include "Ice Age," "Masters of Sex," "Grey’s Anatomy," "ER" and "90210," just to name a few.  She is also had the honor of being the youngest talk show host in history at the  age of 20 for the BET show "Just Keke."

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