Kids For Cash-A Documentary About Kids Incarcerated For Money

If you haven't heard about this documentary on Netflix, you need to watch it.

Kids for cash

Kids for Cash is a controversial, thought-provoking documentary about two judges who were paid off to give kids in Pennsylvania harsher sentences in a shocking scandal.

The judges, Mark Ciavarella and Michal Conohan, were part of a mind blowing scenario which involved another man, Robert Mercile, a builder of a for-profit youth juvenile detention center.

Mercile paid the judges to give very harsh sentences to children accused of trivial acts-like making fun of their principal on Myspace or trespassing. When they were sentenced by the judge, they were forced to go for extended stay at the Mercile's detention center, which kept bringing in more and more money.

The judges were eventually caught, and were charged with everything from fraud by not filing the money to the IRS, money laundering, bribery, extortion, and others.

The documentary can be seen on Netflix, and delves into the story which began when one parent of a sentenced teen decided to investigate what was happening to her child.


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