Mini Pope And Mini Hillary Clinton Impress World Leaders On Halloween

Amna Shoaib
Halloween belonged to these swanky kids. Even President Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were overwhelmed by these two.

Kids slayed Halloween this year. So much so that the current president and the possible future president couldn’t help but take notice.

President Obama, Little Pope, Halloween

The undisputed winner of Halloween was this little one who brought some much-needed Papal swag to this pagan holiday. This little guy visiting the White House for Halloween arrived in his own popemobile, waving to millions of devotes that lined the streets to welcome him, and blessing the streets of America. This was when he stumbled across President Obama.

Baby Pope, barack obama

To not malign his status, the pope did not get out of his car to greet just another president. He sat in his car, allowing President Obama to be smitten by his light.

Talking of kids one-upping adults, let us present to you this mini Hillary Clinton, who actually got to hang out with the real Hillary.

Sullivan Wood, Halloween

Sullivan Wood, 4, just wanted to dress up as her hero, Hillary Clinton, for Halloween. So when this little madame secretary graced the rally of her adult Doppelganger, she was invited backstage to spend time with Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, Halloween

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