Kim Kardashian Calls Katie Couric A “Two-Faced B****”

Kim Kardashian has picked a new target for war. Kim Kardashian posted an image of the gift Katie Couric sent her and Kanye recently.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has picked a new target for war after the celeb spoke out about news reporter Katie Couric. Apparently, Couric talked smack about Kim and her new baby North on the air. She also sent Kim and Kanye a congratulations card. It seems this hypocrisy was too much for Kim, as she publically knocked Katie online.

The address seems to have some sort of printing problems, but it certainly seems written with a good intent.

Around the same time, Katie Couric talked poorly of Kim Kardahian’s parenting skills in a Thursday interview.

What do you think? Should Kim have gone after Katie for her two-faceness? Or is this one fued to many for Kim Kardashian? 

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