Kim K. Learns A Parenting Lesson As North West Throws Tantrum At Yeezy Launch

Baby Nori was probably unimpressed with her dad's fashion sense, and she let everyone know it.

Kim kardashian

Some things don't change, not even for celebrities. Or in this case, the world's most famous socialite and one half of #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, Kim Kardashian.

Kim K. was in the front row of husband Kanye West's Yeezy launch at New York Fashion Week along with the who's who of Hollywood's fashion scene when their baby North West started crying her eyes out. With the great Anna Wintour sitting right beside her, things got uncomfortable when Nori wouldn't calm down despite her mommy's best efforts.

As Kim K struggled with her toddler, the signs of discomfort and irritation appeared even in the body language of usually pokerfaced Wintour. The Vogue editor in chief leaned away from the bawling child and her lips stiffened up with the embarrassment of the ruckus that baby West was creating.

Kim Kardashian

Beyonce and Jay-Z – who were seated on Kardashian's other side – seemed a lot more relaxed, probably because of their experience with their own baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. Also, they knew better not to bring their 3-year-old to a fashion show where one is expected to sit in one place for hours and watch a bunch of people parade their weird, new dresses.

Wintour, 65, mothered her children decades ago, so she was probably out of touch how these things go. Still, a fashion show is no place for a child. Granted that it was her dad's event and a big moment for the Kimye family, but the Yeezy launch was boring enough for adults, let alone for an infant.

Kim kardashian

After a long, hard struggle to pacify Nori, Kardashian finally gave up and made an early exit. The moral of the story is never bring a child to fashion shows – especially a Kanye West show.

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