Kristen Stewart Drops F-Bomb On Paparazzo, Says 'You Don't Deserve To Breathe The Same Air I Do' (VIDEO)


In the video above, Twilight star Kristen Stewart can only be heard (but not seen) shouting out to the paparazzo. But one can’t be too sure if it was only Stewart getting mad at the other party since we do not know what action provoked such a harsh response. The recording started just when the troubled celebrity flipped on the cameraman.

"Why are you saying f**k off?" he asks, and Kristen Stewart answers angrily, "Because you're a piece of s*it. You don't deserve to breathe the same air I do."

Whoa! That was nasty. But then again it appears as if the paparazzo filming the entire scene kid of deserved it.

"Who is a piece of s*it?" the pap continues. "You are, you f**k face," Stewart snaps. She then comes out from behind the gate where she had been hiding and enters the car with her accomplice, not responding to the photographer's personal questions.

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