Kristen Stewart Hits Jesse Eisenberg With Sexist Q's Women Often Face

If you didn't see the stark disparity before between how male and female celebrities are treated during interviews, you will now. The tables have turned, Hollywood.

American Ultra stars Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg just filmed the awkward interview to end all awkward interviews. Thankfully, their interview had a point.

In a parody made in collaboration with Funny or Die, Stewart and Eisenberg interviewed each other in order to promote their upcoming film. Unbeknownst to them (or so they acted, being actors) their interview question cards had been switched.

Which meant that Stewart got the questions usually asked of actors, some trivial but harmless:

“How did you bulk up for this role?”
“What’s your favorite sports team?”

and others explicitly fawning:

Have you always been this funny?

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While Eisenberg was hit with those questions usually reserved only for celebrities of the female sort (with some exaggeration, for comedic effect):

“Are you seeing anyone at the moment, though?”
“Are you pregnant, though?”
“Do you get any work done?”

All culminating in an eye-roll worthy “mani-cam close-up”: an inane ritual that female celebrities were actually subjected to at this year’s Oscars.

The best part is when, after Eisenberg notes that these questions are “inappropriate,” “not about the movie,” and are making him “uncomfortable,” Stewart jabs him with a remark that captures the subtle condescension that so many actresses are faced with.

“It’s okay if you feel uncomfortable doing interviews”

It’s not far off from the truth, especially given Kate Mara’s recent Fantastic Four press junket, or Cara Delevingne’s interview in which she was baited and condescended to, then criticized for showing “attitude.” 

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