Failure Is Coming: Kristen Wiig's Khaleesi Shows Up On "The Tonight Show"

The “Mother of Dragons” apparently plays mandolin, casts spells and lives in a dome she built out of dirt and sticks.

Kristen Wiig knows nothing – especially when it comes to Game of Throne’s beloved Khaleesi, whom she recently channeled in a hilariously bizarre interview with late night host Jimmy Fallon.

The comedian, for some absurd reason, decided to show up on The Tonight Show as Daenerys Targaryen, all dressed up in a flowing gown and platinum blonde hair with a miniature dragon perched on her shoulder. While she did manage to look like the character, her knowledge about HBO’s iconic pop-cult hit was not up to par – which sent Fallon into fits of giggles every few moments.

Wiig even delved into a "Rapid Fire Round" where “Khaleesi” revealed that that her favorite food is meat, her favorite vacation spot is "the west elm of the shore," and her hobbies include playing the mandolin and telling jokes. Not to mention, she has named her dragon Karl while her own name is Karen.

Watch the video posted above to watch the hilarious – yet slightly absurd – interview.

The former SNL star appeared on The Tonight Show to promote her upcoming comedy Welcome To Me.

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