Lady Gaga Goes Nude For Weird Yoga Art Video

Note: This video contains brief nudity. I feel silly having to mention this.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is naked in a new video. Yet, like all things Lady Gaga, the naked Lady Gaga video is weird as hell. The video looks like a student film from 1997, and consists of uncomfortably long shots of Lady Gaga staring at the camera while dressed in unicorn eyes or something. But yes, at the film’s 1:26 point, Lady Gaga is seen walking naked with a blindfold on some grass.

The entire video is available over at TMZ. I have a feeling today is a good traffic day for them.

Watching the video myself, Lady Gaga looks pretty good! The tattoos give off a bit of an Amy Winehouse vibe, but otherwise naked Lady Gaga looks pretty much exactly like one would expect.

This Naked Lady Gaga video may be Gaga’s personal response to recent tabloid pieces regarding her rapidly fluctuating weight. Gaga has mentioned in the past that she has had eating disorders have in the past, and that she resents the media’s obsession with her weight.

There will surely be some Gaga haters that will be quick to judge Gaga’s nudity, and video any way they can. Personally, I think it’s pretty rad that someone who makes 70 million dollars, and is a world-wide star still has the guts to express herself how she wants. We as a society blast celebrities for protecting their own image at all times, and yet we also hate on those who are willing to be themselves. How is that fair?

That’s right: I just turned an article titled “ Lady Gaga Naked In Weird Yoga Art Video !” into a cultural analysis piece. Watch your back, Chuck Kloisterman.


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