Stephen Hawking Absolutely Hates John Oliver After This Interview

June 16, 2014: John Oliver speaks with cosmologist, theoretical physicist, and author Stephen Hawking in the first installment of Last Week Tonight's new 'People Who Think Good' series.

This could qualify as the single most hilarious interview Stephen Hawking has ever been in. After all, it was John Oliver who was conducting it.

This Sunday, Last Week Tonight featured its first ever installment of its new series, "People Who Think Good," in which the host interviews a “handful of smart people across the broad expanse of history.”

The first smart person who had the privilege of being a part of this fantastic exchange with Oliver was pioneering physicist, cosmologist and author – as well as a popular recurring character on The Simpsons – Stephen Hawking.

The comedian traveled all the way to the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge University to speak with one of the world’s greatest living minds.

Oliver asks his guest all sorts of questions about things he clearly doesn’t – and will never – understand such as artificial intelligence and parallel universes.

Watch the video above and you’ll see that Hawking isn’t only an incredibly intelligent person, he is also really funny.

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John Oliver – who was a satirical news correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show – is late night comedy’s blue-eyed boy for his show ever since Last Week Tonight completed its six weeks this month.

He is receiving praise for producing some of the most brilliant shows on the Indian elections, FIFA World Cup and most recently, net neutrality – a segment which was the driving force behind the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) website crashing earlier this month.

The Guardian wrote on Sunday that Oliver has started a revolution in political satire:

“It's only six weeks since HBO unleashed Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and with each late Sunday evening edition the 37-year-old comedian, born in Birmingham, brought up in Bedford, educated at Cambridge, and who made his name on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, has become more established as the star of TV counterculture.”

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