Watch Stephen Colbert Get Hosting Advice From His Late-Night Rivals

Ahead of Stephen Colbert’s debut as host of The Late Show, some of his contemporaries stopped by share some of the worst hosting advice to "help" him out.

Stephen Colbert is getting ready to do something he's never done before: host a late night show. 

Sure, Colbert helmed The Colbert Report for years on Comedy Central, but as "Stephen Colbert," fake conservative boob, not the real Colbert. This is the first time we'll see the 51-year-old as himself on a late night set, a gig Colbert has prepped for for some time. And his late-night competitors have a few tricks that might come handy for the new host.

Therefore, Vanity Fair decided to invite a few veteran hosts to share some words of wisdom to prepare the new host for his upcoming show. As it turns out, several talk show hosts – including Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien and a few others – had some really interesting things to say.

Pay attention, Colbert: “Be careful what you tweet,” “Do a character – no one wants to see you” and “I think you should try and buy land, real estate, ‘cause that’s what’s gonna last.”

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The video even had Colbert giving some tips to himself, while replying to the wise words of his contemporaries.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs on CBS on weeknights and the first episode kicked off with a hilarious monologue from the host, coupled with some witty Trump jokes.

"I'm so excited to be here right now," he began. "I'm also so excited to be at home six hours from now watching this on TV. Hi, me!"

Check out the video above!

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