Comedian Pretends To Be Different Celebrities Stuck In Traffic

A guaranteed case of the giggles ensues. Last week, we got 60 seconds of Benedict Cumberbatch doing various impressions.

This week, comedian Lauren O’Brien takes the cake for her celebrity impressions, and it is even more entertaining.

Watch: Cumberbatch Is Given 60 Seconds To Imitate A Bunch Of Celebrities – He Does Not Fail To Impress

Her spin on imitating the rich and famous? She decided to show us how a few celebrities would handle the average person problem of being stuck in traffic.

Watch as she nails Drew Barrymore’s accent (with a mention of Adam Sandler, obviously) and then goes on to embrace Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara’s hot-blooded Latin roots. Her rendition of Angelina Jolie is post Billy Bob Thorton, of course, as she flawlessly delivers a life-changing speech about being stuck in traffic.

Kim Kardashian, Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift are also included on her list of imitations. Check out her swooning Anne Hathaway. Too bad she didn’t include Russell Crowe.

If you want to see more comedic genius, you can check out her Instagram, where she does other impressions.

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