Lemony Snicket Author Makes Racist "Watermelon" Joke

The best-selling author was hosting the 2014 National Book Awards.

 Uggg. Are the Twitter apologies below enough for these racist remarks? 

Daniel Handler, author of the Lemony Snicket children's books, thought he was telling jokes as the host of the 2014 National Book Awards this week.  Jacqueline Woodson, who is black, won an award for her book "Brown Girl Dreaming." 

Here comes his stand up comedy attempt: 

 "...I said that if she won, I'd would tell all of you something I learned about her this summer, which is that Jacqueline Woodson is allergic to watermelon. Just let that sink into your mind," he said. 

It got worse. 

"I'm only writing a book about a black girl who is allergic to watermelon if I get a blurb from you, Cornel West, Toni Morrison and Barack Obama saying, 'This guy's OK. This guy is fine.'" 

See his very well scripted Twitter apologies below. He's now donating money to a charity called We Need Diverse Books, and urging his followers to do the same. 


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