Lena Dunham Destroys Jimmy Fallon In Lip Sync Battle

Freddie Mercury who? Lena Dunham is the new champ of "Fat Bottomed Girls."

Fame, fortune, private jets and nights in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House – none of the trappings of celebrity mean a darn thing if you can't throw down in a lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon.

Some celebs we've seen just don't have the chops. But add GirlsLena Dunham to the roster of lip sync maniacs after Friday's Tonight Show and everything changes.

Dunham belted out one solid move after another on Queen’s "Fat Bottomed Girls" with a passion that would have made Freddie Mercury proud.

She also tried to cozy up to Fallon, grinding toward him – and his reaction is priceless. 

Slay, Lena.

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