Liam Neeson Will Not Let Crimea Be “Taken” By Putin


"Crimea had been taken," said Liam Neeson intensely, during Saturday Night Live’s cold open this weekend. "I hate it when things are taken," he growled.

The actor, along with SNL’s Jay Pharaoh who played U.S. President Barack Obama, threatened Vladimir Putin over the Crimean invasion, saying the Russian President would have to face their ‘wrath’ if he dared to attack the Ukrainian island.

The "taken" line was obviously a reference to Neeson's “Taken” films, in which he plays a CIA agent who massacres people who kidnap his daughter and his ex-wife.

The sketch comes at a time when Russia and Ukraine are fighting for military control over the Crimean peninsula.

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Watch the complete SNL skit in the video above.


Cold Open - Liam Neeson & Obama - SNL 3-8-14 by IdolxMuzic
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