Five Artists Who Deserved Their Place In The Rock Hall Of Fame

Each year, some of the best in the music industry are inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in recognition of their services. Here’s a look at this year’s inductees who were almost certain to make it to the list at some point.


This Seattle-based band defined Grunge in the 90s and revolutionized music forever with their song Smells Like Teen Spirit. As Nirvana spawned hit after hit, their stature rose to one of the legends of Rock and their front-man Kurt Cobain gained mythical status. Though the band’s career was short-lived, their influence was everlasting.

The fact that Nirvana was inducted in the first year of its eligibility is a testament to the band’s significance.



Outrageous signature makeup, explosive stage presence and blasting music: This was KISS. Through decades, these roaring rambunctious rockstars have entertained audiences with their fiery performances.

This is definitely one of those acts which are even better live.

The induction of KISS in the Hall of Fame came really late. The matter was a subject of concern among a lot of fans.

While addressing the issue in a recent Reddit AMA, the band’s guitarist Paul Stanley said, “The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ultimately and grudgingly had to induct us at some point. The absurdity of ignoring us was beginning to make them look ridiculous. Unfortunately, I don't know that inducting us changes anyone's perception of them.”


Peter Gabriel

Already a Hall of Fame inductee as part of the legendary Genesis, Peter Gabriel was included for the second time for his outstanding solo career. Gabriel’s music transcends generic boundaries just like his stardom transcends national ones. He managed to create an entirely new sound which combined synthesizers with drum beats and soul music influences. As a champion of world music, his influence is recognized all over the world.

So was his second induction well deserved? Absolutely


Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam

He sold millions of albums in the 70s, became a generation’s sensation, converted to Islam, and came to a standstill. However, the story of Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) does not end here.

His is a story of a man who went from defining a musical era with great songs like The First Cut Is The Deepest to auctioning all his guitars for charity in just a couple of years. In 2006, he returned to music and gave us two more exceptional albums.

His legacy will certainly inspire musicians for years to come.


E Street Band

This band is one of the more deserving inductees this year, even though it might not be the most glamorous.

Formed by Bruce Springsteen in the 1970s, the band contributed substantially to alleviate Springsteen’s status to one of the most iconic superstars in the world today.

It underwent various line-up changes at different points in time but their music continued to win the hearts of people for decades. Apart from the renowned collaboration with Springsteen, several of the band members have also recorded with artists like Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Dire Straits, David Bowie, Lady Gaga and many more. Their contribution to music is far-ranging and profound.

They have been inducted under the category The Award for Musical Excellence. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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